Top Ten Floral Clothing Styles for Men

Top Ten Floral Clothing Styles for Men

Incorporating florals into your wardrobe might seem daunting at first. There are so many patterns and styles to choose from. Not to mention, certain patterns are more suitable for formal occasions.

What is most important when shopping for new patterns, new clothes in general is establishing whether or not the piece will be a part of an outfit. Because frankly, what’s the point of buying a shirt if you’re never going to wear it? Exactly.

Today, we will be overviewing ten floral clothing ensembles for men or those who want to present themselves in masculine attire.

Top Ten Floral Clothing Styles for Men:

1 - Small patterns for more professional and mature looks

For a formal or professional look, you want to opt for small detailed patterns over larger patterns. This is because historically and aesthetically, small floral patterns register as being more put together and appropriate for formal intentions.

Small patterns for more professional and mature looks
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2 - Florals with Jackets

Jackets can completely change the vibe a person gives off. This is all depending on the material, fit and flow of the jacket. Historically, a corduroy jacket has been associated with artistically inclined people. A leather jacket might be worn by a tough and rugged individual. So, when accompanying a floral shirt with your jacket, know that it is your jacket that will change the vibe of your shirt as well as the entire outfit’s demeanor. This is a great rule of thumb regardless of the top’s pattern.

Florals with Jackets

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3 - Subdued Professional Floral Patterns on Shirts

A good rule of thumb, if you want to look more mature, is to wear muted or subdued floral clothing. Floral clothing is already colorful and loud, so oftentimes, it’s not wise to wear a super bright shirt on its own or in a formal setting. Avoid clashing patterns; plaid and floral, or polka dots and floral.

Subdued Professional Floral Patterns on Shirts


4 - Floral button-up shirt with a white or black tank top

Whether on the street or heading to class, this look is fun and fresh. Wear a basic tank top, either white or black, and a floral print shirt over top of it. The idea is to keep the buttons of the shirt undone.

Mens floral shirt with white tank top

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5 - Floral pocket squares, ties, and socks

Suppose you don’t want to look like a rose garden, we’ve got you covered. Colorful pocket squares, ties, and socks are simple and minimal ways to spice up your look.

Whilst wearing a plain or basic suit, you then add more character to the ensemble by balancing out the outfit. You’ll be going from mundane to enticing in seconds.

Pocket squares are expected to be colorful and out-there. Ties should be a little more classical, with the patterning depending on the suit itself. Socks are most ideal when detailed with minimal patterns.

Floral pocket squares, ties, and socks

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6 - Floral button-up top with denim

There are many ways you could wear floral button-up tops with jeans and denim in general. Honestly, denim looks good with just about anything. However, do stray from wearing too much denim; suddenly, you look like a blue monster rather than a stylish individual.

A short sleeve top with jeans is a good outfit. However, another great option is to wear a long sleeve floral top with the sleeves rolled up when accompanied by denim. Try it! It's much more satisfying than letting the sleeves be!

Floral button-up top with denim

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7 - A Florals Style for Dates or Meetings

This outfit is in between casual and formal, which is perfect for a date night or casual meeting. Wear a floral shirt, button it all the way up and pair it with black pants and black shoes. If not black, a significantly dark color that goes with or is identical to the darkest color within your top. It's a smart look for anyone who wants to look dressed up without being too flashy.

A Florals Style for Dates or Meetings

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8 - Floral sweaters

As of 2020, there are new forms of street style and casual wear that have become increasingly popular. Seek out sweaters and knits that have large cartoon flowers or embroidered flowers. These are simple yet unique in their own ways. Perfect for colder seasons where you want to bring some liveliness into your outfits.

Floral sweaters

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9 - Hawaiian Shirt Patterns

An awesome choice for a casual summer vibe. Whether it's a trip to the beach, a day playing golf, or a family barbeque, an aloha top is bound to make your outfit ten times more fun and fresh. These are best worn with cargo shorts, swimming trunks, or denim shorts, in colors that do not clash with your bold shirt.

Hawaiian Shirt Patterns

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10 - Floral accents: floral button-up tops underneath sweaters for floral cuffs

A fun way to incorporate floral patterns into your outfit. Find a basic crew neck or sweater, sweater vest, and put it up next to the floral shirt in mind. Unless your sweater is black, you should select a sweater that goes with the background of the shirt or the flowers themselves. Once you’ve put the sweater over top of the shirt, be sure to fix your buffs over the ends of the sweater’s sleeves. Straighten up the collar and pull the bottom of the shirt out or tuck it in depending on what you are going for. You now have a well-put-together top with funky patterned cuffs and collar.

Seeing that the floral aspects are accents rather than statements, you could wear colorful pants, denim, and/or suit pants.

floral button-up tops underneath sweaters for floral cuffs

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As you can see, florals can be implemented into your lifestyle regardless of the circumstances. Whether your goal is to be trendy, classy, or funky, you can be certain that floral patterns will add that something you were looking for. You now have ten of some of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing floral clothing styles for men detailed for your future stylistic choices. You’re welcome!

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