Top 7 Ways to Style Your Floral Skirt

Top 7 Ways to Style Your Floral Skirt

Whether it is summer or spring, floral skirts are never a bad option to step out in style. Floral skirts have been around forever now and you might have noticed that they never seem to go out of style. This is because there are so many ways that you can style a floral skirt using just some basic styling elements that you might already have in your wardrobe.

Here, we will be looking at how you can do just that and keep you fresh each time you step out in a floral skirt.

1. Wearing a t-shirt and a jean jacket with your floral skirt.

Jean Jacket and floral skirt

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This is a very popular fashion trend between teenagers and young adults. You can wear a neutral-colored t-shirt or a cropped top with a very light print or no print at all that goes with your floral print skirt (short or mid-length) where you can top that off by throwing in a jean jacket which will give a sort of playful vibe. You can either tuck in your t-shirt or half tuck it in to get more of a fun stylish look. Also, don’t forget to wear a matching set of sneakers to complete the look.


2. Wearing a sweater with your floral skirt.

Sweater And Floral Skirt

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Wearing a single-color sweater with a short floral skirt is another great way to step out in style. Make sure to tuck in the sweater so that the sweater does not go past your short floral skirt and cover it up. You can wear either a baggy or a fitted sweater for two different looks. You can also take it to the next step by wearing a floral print sweater as well, just make sure to keep it light so that you do not go too much with floral elements.


3. Floral skirt with a leather jacket.

Leather jacket and Floral Skirt

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Just like wearing a jean jacket, a leather jacket is also a great way to style a floral skirt. A leather jacket will give a sort of a badass vibe while at the same time present you confident and stylish. You can wear any color of leather jacket whether it is black, beige, or blush that will match up with your skirt. Another thing that you should keep in mind if you are rocking a leather jacket is to wear a solid color t-shirt with no print to get the maximum effect of this style.  You can also pick a cropped top and pick a floral skirt of any length here as all of them will match up perfectly with a leather jacket.

4. Wear a blazer with your floral skirt.

Blazer and floral skirt

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A blazer and a shirt with an elegant floral skirt are also a great choice if you have to attend a formal event or just in case you feel to step out in a bit more formal way. A long or knee-high floral skirt will be a perfect fit for such an outfit along with a matching high-heel that will generate that boss vibe from you. Also, make sure to wear a fitted shirt that matches well with your blazer and your floral skirt with a matching purse to increase the professionalism of the outfit. You can also wear a light print floral blazer if you desire and if it matches well with the rest of the outfit.


5. Long floral skirt with a tank top.

Tank top and long floral skirt

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Looking for something overly causal to wear? If so, a tank top with a long floral skirt will be a perfect outfit for you. This will make you look more calm and free as for the simplicity of this whole outfit. One tricky aspect of this outfit style is the matching of colors. As you wear a tank top and a larger part of your body is exposed, you have to pick both the tank top and the floral skirt that will compliment your skin tone. You can either wear a pair of sneakers or a pair of open-toe shoes to emphasize the more calm look as well. You can also wear your tank top tucked or untucked as for your preference and a pair of sunglasses will complete this outfit perfectly.


6. Wearing a floral skirt with a tucked-in long sleeves shirt.

shirt and floral skirt

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Wearing a floral skirt with a tucked-in long sleeves shirt is perfect for a day out in the fall. A short floral skirt is a perfect match for this outfit and you can wear the shirt with both sleeves rolled up or down as you prefer. There is no specific type of shirt that you have to choose here, you can choose any type of shirt you want although jean shirts with short floral skirts are becoming a trend nowadays. You can also wear a belt, a pair of sneakers or heels along with a bracelet or a watch to complete this outfit. Also, keep in mind to not pick a shirt that has heavy prints on it, the simpler the better.


7. Wear a simple blouse with a knee-high floral skirt.

Simple blouse and knee high floral skirt

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This is a very simple yet elegant outfit. All you need is a knee-high floral skirt and a decent blouse with no heavy print or any at all that you can tuck under the skirt with a pair of heels and bam! You are ready for a fun day out with a simple but stunning outfit. Also, you can add a belt as an accessory and take this look to the next level as well. Just like on all of the other floral skirt styling techniques discussed above, make sure to match the colors of both the skirt and the blouse properly.


Note: We know that there are much more styling options for floral skirts out there. But for the sake of this article not being too long, we have only mentioned the styling option that is currently in trend.


There you go, top 7 ways that you can style your floral skirts. Although we mentioned specific outfits here, you can always play around by combining some of these outfit elements and come up with unique styling options yourself as well. We now hope that you will make use of these styling tips and spice up your floral skirt outfits. If you are looking for high-quality floral clothes, make sure to check out our stunning collections as well.

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