Upcoming floral clothing trends in 2022 – straight from the fashion runways

Upcoming floral clothing trends in 2022 – straight from the fashion runways

There is always some buzz and happening when it comes to fashion and fashion trends. It was just last month that the fashion capitals were hosting the SS22 fashion shows – something that the fashionistas and the fashion followers, in general, were quite missing. And it was good to see all those collections in the flash. Moreover, as the fashion weeks and the runways gave a sneak peek of what is to be expected next spring/summer 22 fashion seasons, now is just the right time for a quick overview.

As soon as the sun becomes more present and the temperatures start rising, colors, prints, and patterns are one of the most dominant details. The power of the sun on the overall mood has proved, once again, to inspire fashion choices as well as creativity in a person. And not just for the fashion houses and the fashion designers, this creativity can be seen in the personal fashion picks and styles.

For many years, one particular pattern that has been the key choice for many fashions looks and seasons is the florals pattern. The majority of you might instantly refer to Miranda Priestly’s famous quote from the iconic movie Devils wears Prada - "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!" Although that might have been the case 20 years ago or so, the florals today carry the same value, elegance, and power as pretty much any other print. They are considered to be the symbol of femininity, of nature's waking up, for all the playfulness and joy that the new season brings. That is why the new SS22 fashion trends reintroduced the dominance of the flower power.

Next season will be defined by the floral clothing in general. As a fashion pattern, the florals are always interesting to style. They are a pattern that is worth exploring. Inspired by nothing other than nature itself, the florals are the closest that comes to mixing fashion with the environment. And as such, they have become female fashion favorites. The delicacy of the flower is often compared to the softness and sensuality of the women. Fragile, beautiful, and colorful, the flowers are the best accessory to nature. And as such, they are the accessory that every woman needs as part of her fashion choices.

For the spring/summer 2022 season, the florals were pretty present on the fashion runways. With a major splash of color, the florals are expected to be the it-prints for the upcoming season. Since it is never too early to be prepared for the upcoming fashion trends, here is a quick overview of all the floral possibilities and trends that will be huge next year, as well as some styling inspiration to get you in the flower mood.


Watercolor-style florals

Watercolor Style Floral Clothing

Image Source : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/32510428543036874/

Jason Wu was one of the many fashion designers that put a huge accent and focus on the florals in his new spring/summer 22 collection. And not just any type of florals but the watercolor-style florals. The hand-dying methods used on fabrics such as memory cotton, silk charmeuse, and taffeta, delivered fabulous floral prints. The patterns were full of frozen roses, buttercups, and thistle-like safflower. The overall effect presented a delicate collection, with bold colors that could work exquisitely on evening floral gowns and floral dresses. This is one of the floral trends that is expected to rule the spring-summer fashion scene, including sports and more casual apparel.


Delicate flower lace

Delicate Flower Lace Floral Clothing Style

The blooming florals, with the highly accentuated petals, were the pattern that the designer Michael Kors decided to incorporate in his next season's collection. In the 1950s fashion era, the choice of lace and the floral pattern perfectly fit the silhouettes that were highly feminine and delicate. The lace and the floral print are simply a combination that never goes out of style, and it will surely be a choice for many who want to accentuate the sensuality and elegance of this basic, but marvelous floral print.


Dense and tiny florals

Dense and tiny florals Dress Styles

As seen in the image with the stunning floral dress, dense and tiny florals, printed on the elegant and rich silk were part of the romantic story that Bora Aksu presented on the London Fashion week. The spring-summer 22 collection has a special part of floral patterns, that were layered on silk taffeta. Expectedly, the color choices came in bright pink, green and blue, everything that suggests nature awakening. This is one of the rare prints that suits well with outfits with sharp tailoring, as well as voluminous pieces.


Botanical prints

Botanical print Floral Dress Styles

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/233061349456930929/

Erdem on the other hand, opted for florals, as part of the botanical prints. The grand and voluminous prints dominated the garments, leaving the base monochromatic and a bit neutral. The florals had a bit of a retro vibe, bringing back the nostalgia for the past decades, where the flowers were the most adored and desired print women's clothes. However, as part of the prints came the pretty undefined leaves and petals, in graphic drawings, present on the entire garment.


Flowers with leaves

Flowers with leaves floral dress style

Best known for creations that are rich in volume and express great romance, Gianbattista Valli offered a bunch of choices for the upcoming spring/summer 2022 season. With a special nod to the florals, an important detail of the next season's fashion, Valli's designs were absolutely magnificent. For this, he found the inspiration in the flower gardens, especially the flowers with leaves, and masterfully transferred them onto the fine fabrics. And the color palette was quite stunning too. The flowers with leaves print were accompanied by beautiful pastels, making each piece an ultimate female's favorite.


Coming directly from the fashion runways, it is more than obvious and sure that the florals will have maybe the biggest dominance even next SS22 season. From the tiny and dense, to the big and oversized ones, the florals are definitely the print to go with.

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