What Kind of Jewelry to Wear with a Floral Dress?

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear with a Floral Dress?

Whatever outfit you are going to wear, the jewelry you wear can take that outfit to the next level. While floral dresses are stunning by themselves, wearing some matching jewelry can help you bring out that "wow factor" in public.

Unlike wearing jewelry with any other outfit, wearing jewelry with floral dresses is quite tricky as you have to do a lot of mixed matching.

With that said, here, we will be looking at some of the best kinds of jewelry you can wear with your floral dress.

1. Floral Dress With Simple Bracelet

As we mentioned above, floral dresses are stunning by themselves. Therefore, you don't really need any fancy jewelry to make you stand out.

Especially with long floral dresses, a simple bracelet that compliments well with your dress colors will give off a simplistic vibe and is more than enough to fill that emptiness in your outfit.

Also, keep in mind that this is not only applicable to long floral dresses, but to short floral dresses as well.

Floral Dress With Simple Bracelet

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2. Short Floral Dress With Thin Necklace

If you are wearing a short floral dress to an event, it is preferable that you go with a thin necklace. This is because a thin necklace will not overshadow your floral dress.

Also, wearing a bulky necklace with a short floral dress does not match well for most occasions and can ruin the simplicity of the short floral dress you are wearing.

 Short Floral Dress With Thin Necklace

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3. Short Floral Dress With Bulky Earrings

Unlike with necklaces, you can wear bulky earrings with your floral dress. This can be a perfect outfit for a fancy event you have to attend to or just for a fun day out with your friends where you want to step out in style.

Wearing bulky earrings will also give off that playful vibe that most people like. Therefore, if you are going for a playful vibe with your outfit, give a pair of bulky earrings a shot.

There is no rule to wear a short floral dress or a long floral dress with a pair of bulky earrings as well. It solely depends on your preference.

 Short Floral Dress With Bulky Earrings

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4. Floral Dress With Elegant Watch

A wristwatch is something that matches well with any outfit and the same goes for your floral dress outfits as well.

One thing that you have to keep in mind here is not to choose a watch that is too bulky. You should keep it simple as floral dresses are a sign of elegance and simplicity. You don't want to ruin that vibe by wearing overly complicated and bulk watches.

Here, you can also make sure to match the watch wristbands with some colors from your floral dress as well. This makes the entire outfit a theme and will have that stunning wow factor to it.

 Floral Dress With Elegant Watch

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Final Thoughts

As we said time and time again in this article, floral dresses are very fashionable by themselves and you don't need many accessories or pieces of jewelry to make your floral dress outfit more fashionable. If you are going to wear any jewelry, make sure that they do not overshadow your dress.

Keep in mind, simplicity is always best here.