Are floral printed shirts trendy for men?

Are floral printed shirts trendy for men?

There has been a lot of debate back and forth about men and floral clothing as opinions were floating that men wearing floral clothing are a bit feminine. Although these are opinions of gender-based stereotypes which are certainly not true, some men are still reluctant to wear any type of floral clothing in public.

There are several floral clothing trends for men that come and go each year. But there is one trend that seems to never go away but a lot of males tend to skip this trend as they are afraid that it will make them less manly due to those gender-based stereotype’s options. That trend is of course floral printed shirts.

Due to this high controversy, we decided to put together an article to address this matter and provide an insightful answer.

Are floral printed shirts trendy for men?

Yes, floral printed shirts are trendy for men. Although those gender-based stereotypes opinionate that floral printed shirts make a man come out as less manly, that is completely not true as we did tons of social research and found out that over 93% of people mentioned that a man wearing floral printed shirts does not make him less of a man but come out as confident and stylish.

There you go, a direct answer to your question. We hope that you are now more confident to wear a floral printed shirt.

With that said, let’s look at some styling options for your floral printed skirts as well so that you can step out in style every time.

Wear a floral printed shirt with a jacket

This is a good fit for weekends as it gives out a sort of casual but stylish look. Here you can wear either a heavy or light floral print as for your preference and there is no debate on short or long sleeves either as it will be covered up by the jacket. In terms of the jacket, you can wear any jacket you prefer such as leather or any other material. Make sure to wear a pair of pants that matches well with the floral pattern on your shirt along with a pair of light print or no print at all sneakers.

Floral printed shirt with jackets


Wear a floral printed shirt with shorts

This is a perfect outfit for a day out in the summer. You can wear a short sleeve heavy floral printed shirt and a matching pair of shorts to give out that fun and relaxed look. Make sure to also wear a pair of slippers or sneakers to complete the look. We see a lot of people try this outfit with sandals, to be honest, it is not a good look and we encourage you to stay away from sandals with this outfit. Also, make sure to wear some sort of arm accessories such as a bracelet or a watch as well.

Floral printed shirt with shorts


Wearing a floral printed shirt with a tank top

Another great summer look for men is to wear an unbuttoned short sleeve floral printed shirt with a tank top. It is better if the shirt has a heavy floral print and the tank top is plain white than black as white helps the floral print of the shirt to pop out more. You can wear either pants or shorts that go with your floral print or you also have the option to go with pants or shorts that are completely different colors. Also, a lite colored pair of sneakers will complete the look perfectly.

Floral printed shirt with tank top


Wear a heavy long sleeves floral printed shirt tucked into a pair of pants

This is a sort of professional, yet stylish look. You can wear a long sleeve heavy floral printed shirt with folded sleeves tucked into a pair of cotton pants. You can wear a belt and some wrist accessories such as bracelets and a watch with a good pair of leather shoes to complete the look. Keep in mind that this is an outfit that you can rock for parties and other fun events as well.

Floral printed shirt tucked in


Wearing floral printed shirts with suits

Wearing a floral printed shirt with a suit is another great professional look to attend weddings or any work event. You can wear your suit blazer either open or closed without or with a tie that stands out from your floral printed shirt. Also, make sure to wear a good pair of leather shoes either black or brown to complete the outfit.

Floral printed shirt with suits


These are just some of the ways that you can style your outfit with a floral printed shirt, you can find a lot more such styling options here. If you are interested in getting your hands on some high-quality floral printed shirts, make sure to check out our wide collection of floral printed shirts as well.

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